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Zac Efron to be Sousuke Sagara?

I'll cry.  Seriously, I will.  I mean, Jesse McCartney starring as Zuko in the Avatar live adaption is bad enough.  Thank God a Full Metal Panic adaption is unlikely to happen, but still.

Speaking of disastourous American-made anime live adaptions, has anyone seen Dragonball: Evolution?  I kinda want to.  You know, just to see how bad it is.  Oho!  And get this:  Apparently, a sequel is in the works!  Isn't that exciting?!  brb, going to kill myself now kthxbai.

Also, Leonardo Dicaprio and anime????  WTF???

In less depressing news, a new Hana-Kimi one-shot will be in Hana to Yume next month =D.  I wish Nakajo would do a real series again though.  Sugar Princess was pretty boring disappointing.  And in news that makes me ecstatically happy, Obata is going to resume the We Were There manga this June!!!!!!  OMG YAY!

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Turns out I'm still alive.  Barely.

I've decided that I really miss laststopgakuen  and all the people I met there.  I also decided that I really missed playing Hinata, so I've put a reservation in for her there.  I'm actually surprised no one's app'ed her since I got dropped from the community (f-for inactivity!).  

Now that my computer is stable and no longer constantly crashing, I feel it's safe to start iconing and fic'ing again.  I expect I'll be doing a lot more of both in the near future.  I have two primary fics in mind right now:  One is a multi-part, Itachi-centric, the other a one-shot taking place in the not too far off canon centering around Sakura.  I've already started writing the latter, but the former's got a couple pages worth of notes and scenes.

I screwed up at school this semester.  EPIC FAIL and I'm totally stressed out about it (so much so that I've had a twitching eye for two weeks now...), but....  Well, there doesn't seem to be much I can do about it now, with the semester ending next month.

... And that's about it~!

[Attitude] Hiyori: I'll do what I want

Not dead, FYI, but kinda wishing I were.

Why My Life Sucks (In Bullet Form):
  • Crappy sleeping schedule.
  • Hours at work (and inevitably the dollars in my paycheck) drastically cut.
  • Am not losing weight, but gaining.
  • Chronic writer's block.
  • Computer crashing (twice).
  • Losing all my music, anime, manga, and programs because of said crashes.
  • PMS.
And thus my problematic holiday was.  In my absence, I hope everyone has been well and in turn had excellent holidays and birthdays (should there have been any that escaped my notice).  seshennu , I got your lovely Christmas card!  Thank you so much for the postcards; they're spiffy! =D  I hope you (and everyone else who asked) got my card in return.  Sorry there were no drawings, but I have a nice idea for Valentine's Day I shall implement very soon =3 (gotta put that drawing tablet I got for Christmas to good use!)

Crappy shift at work today.  Four hour shifts are the bane of my existence.  Am not looking forward to it D:<.  Rachael asked me to cover her seven hour shift on Friday though, so my paycheck should be moderately decent next week.  Still, I'm going to have to look for a second job and/or see about a work study once I head back to school (next week).

Speaking of school, man, how late am I going back this semester?  My classes don't even START until the 27th!  We're still geting out around May 18th though, so....  I guess it all works out somehow?  Much to my chargrin and annoyance, they dropped Graphic Design II due to low enrollment.  adlfajflakfj;af now what am I going to take?!  I'm totally bummed, too, because Anna was taking that class with me ;~;.  On the agenda elsewise is:
  • World History II (...despite not having to take World History I)
  • Intermediate Algebra  (Ew.)
  • Advanced Radio Broadcasting (In which everyone will think I'm a flake due to my lackluster Assistant Programming Manager duties last semester (for reasons outside of my control), and the fact that I haven't been able to make a single one of my radio shows during winter break despite having signed up to).
  • ???
I'm really hoping there's an art class available to take.  Considering I'm planning on majoring in Graphic Design, however, really pisses me off that GDII was dropped.  I'm going to see if I can get into Figure Drawing, but I can't say I'm too excited by the prospect to draw naked people :/.  It will, apparently, boost my drawing skills a lot though (or so I've heard).  Hmm, dilemma, dilemma.

On the bright side, I did really well in all my classes last semester!  With the exception of a C- I feel was unjust, I got all high Bs!  I was so shocked when I opened my report card because I honestly thought I was failing most of my classes, haha.  I had even signed up to retake Adolescent Psychology that's how poorly I thought I was doing (and yet I scraped by with a B!  I don't know how I managed that, really I don't.)  And thus my GPA has been elevated.  I hope I can do just as well if not better this upcoming semester.
I'm selling some of my manga.  I'm planning on putting more up in the next few days (anime and regular books, too).  Cleaning my room has been a tedious process, but I'm glad to say that it's going moderately well (it's only been in perpetual disaster for a year now).  I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF!!!  DX

I'm re-reading Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden instead of reading The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor.  I'm hoping the Japanese setting and language will help me write my NejiHinaKiba fic that's been sitting on the back burner for two years now (wow).  I do plan on getting around to TLGW soon, I just can't seem to get past the twenty page mark :/.  I was like that with Twilight though, too, and then I zipped through it and the next three books in the series.  And I want to re-read Summers At Castle Auburn by Sharon Shinn.  It's my all time favorite book.  Seriously, I've read it at least once every year since I first read it in the eighth grade.  I recently heard that Sharon Shinn plans to put out an anthology (Quatrain) that features a story set in the world of Summers At Castle Auburn!!!  I am so excited about the prospect of seeing something else from this setting I can barely contain it XD.  I had a wonderful and satisfying ending, but every time I finish the book I always want more.  She's also going to be releasing a new young adult book called Gateway.  I've liked all her YA books thus far, especially the -Keeper trilogy.  I'll be curious to see how the new one fares.

Huh.  Apparently I never posted results for the naruto_choice  contest that ended several months ago.  Awesome.  I'll have to do that.

And that's really all I have to say at the moment =).

- April

[Surprised] Tamaki: OMGWTFBBQ!?

Keanu Reeves as Spike Spiegel is better than Goku being played by a white boy.

Remember when a Dragonball Z movie was just a rumor?  Well, turns out they actually did it.  They actually freaking did it.  There is  TRAILER and release date for April 8th, 2009.  Goku's a white boy.  I'm terrified and appalled, but can't wait to see how deliciously awful this movie will be.  On another anime front, Fox is trying to make a Cowboy Bebop movie.  Keanu Reeves has been signed to play Spike Spiegel.  I'm not sure how I feel about that.  (I'm not sure how I feel about Cowboy Bebop being butchered either.)

[Love] Zuko: Prince Charming

Bridjet Jones Diary amuses me greatly =D

So, today was supposed to be my first FULL DAY OFF i-in weeks.  School finished up yesterday and I didn't have to work today, which was going to be fabulous.  Especially since we're supposed  to (and currently are experiencing) a HUGE snow storm.  Unfortunately, Lindsey called me on the verge of tears (or so it sounded) about how she was sick and panicking about the snow (she's never driven in it having hailed from Florida) and wondering if I knew about calling out or who was working tonight.  Because I felt bad for her and the fact that I'm not going to be working for an entire week, I offered to take her 5 to Midnight shift TONIGHT. aldfkjalfkj;f  I know, masochist, but.... I need the moneys.  And I'm not going to be driving, my dad is, so....

And really, whose going to be trekking through the storm to go to a bookstore in the dead of night?

Anyway, Christmas cards go in the mail tomorrow, haha.  Sorry about the uber lateness guys.  No official awesome holiday drawings, but there is something a little special in there~  Plus, I'll do something fun for Valentine's Day, promise =D.

A-and Naruto 429 = hilarious love <3.  "Kiba's mom has got it going on~" XDDDD

Oh, Kishi.  Do you make it up as you go along?  I have to wonder.... XD.


April =D
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Christmas Cards~!

I know it's super early to be talking about Christmas (even though at work we've been playing Christmas music since MID-OCTOBER DX), but as I'm planning on custom drawing my cards this year I'd like to get an early start on how many I should draw/print :D.  So, that being said, if you would like a Christmas/Holiday (specify) card from me this year, comment with your address~  All comments are screened, so the only creepy stalker you'll have to worry about is me :3.

ALSO, ALSO.  I'll be taking commissions this holiday season.  I'll have more information on this soon =).

I miss talking to people.  Sorry I'm so fail DX.


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Big Pimpin'

So, instead of writing my papers tonight, I WROTE FIC :DWell, not really.  I actually wrote all of it most of this last year.  I know.  But I decided to do stuff with it now :D.  Up next is probably the first chappy for my InoShino fic OR the first chapter for my epic canon-esque fic in which Sasuke blatantly rips Toph off =D.  Or maybe I'll just stick with A Promise For Tomorrow or none of the above.  I've been known to do that >_>.

Anyway.  Um.  Tell me what you think? :D

Baaaw, homewoooooooooooork DX.