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Tales of woe from a shafted artist

...and other woey-woe tales

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April // Shafted Artist // Princess Lightina
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:: Shafted Artist ::

Made by: fat

:: Basics ::

Name: April
D.O.B: January 8th
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Blood Type: A+
Location: Massachusetts, USA
[lirpa_chan]: A host to my existential teenage and now adult angsting from 2004 - present. It is a still a working journal. For inquiring minds, 'Lirpa' (lur-pa) is 'April' backwards; an endearment my friends gave me.

:: Mini Bio ::


My name is April ♥. I am an avid anime and manga fan which is, for the uneducated, Japanese animation and comic books. My dream is to become a famous author and/or illustrator. As that may suggest, I spend a lot of my spare time writing and drawing. And reading. I love to read :D. Music is another passion of mine; I'll listen to just about anything, but I must admit to be partial to alternative rock... and probably anything that features a piano XD. There's just something awesome about it, you know?

This journal is primarily for fangirl purposes. I love shoujo (girl's comics), but am neck deep in the hit shounen (boy's comics) manga Naruto. Expect to see a lot of keyboard smashes, CAPSLOCKS, and random rambling. If you think you can handle that and a dash of RL Drama here and there, friend me :D. Really, I don't bite~ ♥

:: Art & Writing ::

[ DA Originals | DA Fanart | AMVs | lightina | FFN | lightina_hime ]

lightina: An El Jay archive for all my fan and original works; anything posted under shafted_artist is fan works; anything posted under lirpa_chan is original work. It's mainly icons and artwork.

lightina_hime: An El Jay parallel to my FFN account except with snippets and drabbles tossed into the mix.

:: Communities & Websites ::

Hidden Gems C2: A FFN C2 dedicated to quality Naruto fanfiction of all pairings and genres.

Kyotopia: A old shrine to Kyo Sohma.

narusaku_recs: A fanfiction recommendation community catering to NaruSaku.

naruto_choice: Naruto fanfiction readers' choice contest. Next contest starts in May 2008 :D

:: Roleplay ::


Hyuuga Hinata // bashful_smiles @ laststopgakuen
Yamanaka Ino // blonde_vanity @ laststopgakuen


Yamanaka Ino // xviolet_fleurx @ konohacraiglist
Pein Sir Leader // sir_leadersama @ konohacraiglist

:: Stamps + Stickies ::

Original art by Lily // Stamp by vanny-villa @ DA

:: Icon Love ::

by lidi @ livejournal by merrychildicons @ livejournal by lazynin @ livejournal

Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide

[naruto color bars by pan8d // ouran host club color bars by aideko]

Dedara is love

narusaku is love

kyouya ootori is love

the hitachiin twins are love

acting, after school nightmare, akatsuki crack, alternative rock, angsty fiction, anime, art, art is a bang, atla, avatar: the last airbender, axel, being awesome, being on stage, bleach, bridget jones diary, code geass, commissions, concerts, creating icons, death note, deidara, doujinshi, drawing, dresses, dressing up, dry humor, fan art, fanfiction, fashion design, ffvii, ffx, final fantasy vii, final fantasy x, fma, food, free stuff, fruits basket, full metal alchemist, fun with akatsuki, furuba, gay subtext, glasses are sexy, graphic design, hana-kimi, harry potter, hisaya nakajo, history, hot british accents, hot gimmick, iconage, icons, inspiration, ishida uryu, ishihime, itadei, j.k. rowling, japan, japanese culture, kakasaku, kakasasu, kibahina, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts ii, kyouru, last stop gakuen, learning to cosplay, lol fandom, love is love, lovecom, lovely complex, manga, metal gear solid 2, metal gear solid series, mmm pie, movies, music, musicals, narusaku, naruto, natsuki takaya, nejihina, not homework, not math, not school, not writer's block, old school nintendo, organization xiii, ouran host club, post secret, psychology, quincy pride, reading, roleplaying, romantic cliches, ron x hermione, sarcastic sokka, sasusaku, sharon shinn, shinohina, shoujo, singing, sohma kyou, sohma yuki, songfics, summers at castle auburn, team seven, the legend of zelda, the number 8, the venture bros., the vision of escaflowne, uchiha sasuke, uchihas are hot, uzumakianity, video games, weiss kreuz, writing, yukiru, zelda, zuko angst

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